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Why the Sun Rises


Humankind has pondered the role of the sun in our solar system since the beginning of time. The sun holds significance and symbolism. Civilizations throughout the world have personified its importance, venerated and worshiped it as a deity throughout time and history.

Educators share an affinity with the sun, mirroring its ability and power to warm, nurture, and guide the masses. We have dedicated this book to educators who work with some of today’s most challenging youth. We honor you.


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Dr. Doran Gresham

Dr. Doran Gresham is a career educator with over twenty years of experience as a special educator, grassroots worker, mentor, and school administrator. He is an adjunct professor at La Salle University and the College of New Jersey, where he teaches graduate courses in Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction. Doran is also a sixth-year master educator with DC public schools, where he helps to evaluate and support teachers throughout the district.

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Meredith Chase-Mitchell

Meredith Chase-Mitchell has worked in the nonprofit sector under the education umbrella for over fifteen years in the capacity of director of programs, charter school advocate, and recruiter. During these years Ms.Chase-Mitchell has implemented the No Child Left Behind Act via innovative programming in New York City with BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) and TASC (The After School Cooperation).